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plane.jpg (5697 bytes)In conjunction with Atlas Van Lines, Outaouais Moving Inc. was awarded a variety of contracts to service customers such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and as being doing so for the past 12 years. Our International Department has grown exponentially. This expansion demonstrates our dedication to our international customers and will ensure that service to all of our customers will remain uncompromised.

Outaouais Moving Inc. is an active member of the world’s major freight forwarding associations, such as RIM, CMA, FIATA, CIFFA , PAIMA,  HHGFA and ISO 9001. As such, we can help you move anywhere in the world using our full range of transportation services via air, sea and land.

Our unique services include local pick-ups for shipment and specialized overseas preparation. Our International specialists will work with you to coordinate the delivery of large purchases to our warehouse for sea or air preparation.

In preparing your goods for overseas shipment, we use only clean, dry protective pads to ensure the safest transportation possible. Should you choose to ship only a portion of your goods overseas, Outaouais Moving Inc. can also provide safe, secure storage for effects that you would like to leave behind.

If you are moving to Canada from abroad, Outaouais Moving Inc. will work with its numerous trading partners in over 130 countries to provide door-to-door service anywhere across the country. These partners all subscribe to Outaouais Moving’s quality commitment, and their performance is monitored through on site inspection visits and customer evaluation.

Outaouais Moving Inc. is your best resource for international moving. Our International Department has extensive experience with the intricacies of moving effects overseas, and will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

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With our specialized Cross-Border Operations Department and dedicated Cross Border fleet, Outaouais Moving Inc. can move you to or from the United States with ease, and provide you with a guaranteed schedule of delivery in writing.

There are many things to think about when moving to another country. Our Cross Border Specialists are familiar with the Customs documentation that you will need in order to ship you to or from the United States. We can provide you with some of the required paperwork and instructions on how to complete them, as well as a list of other documents you will need.

If you are shipping specific items such as automobiles, food, plants, alcohol, tobacco or firearms, we can outline the specific Customs restrictions and duties that should expect. We can also help to make your move less stressful by providing useful tips on moving pets, preparing your children for the move, or caring for elderly parents.

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truck.jpg (9775 bytes)Outaouais Moving Inc. can help you move across the street or across the country. Our Customer Service Radius spans 250 miles, and we will work in conjunction with the 180 agents in the Atlas Van Lines (Canada) Ltd. Network to ensure that you have a smooth move. Local moves within the same city are charged on an hourly basis, and the price varies depending on what time of the month you would like to move. Please contact us for hourly rates for local moving.

If you are moving across the country, we can offer a domestic Container Service to transport your belongings in the most economical and expedient way. Your personal effects will be loaded into a locked container that will be transported to your destination and unloaded into your new home.

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storage.jpg (12874 bytes)Outaouais Moving Inc. can provide safe storage for all of your effects for whatever length of time you require. If you are moving to the US or across the country but do not have a residence at destination, we can provide Storage in Transit (SIT) for up to 60 days.

If you require storage for a longer period of time, we can offer our Store at Your Door Service, where your effects are loaded directly into wooden crates for storage at your residence. Once full, these crates are taken back to our warehouse and placed directly in storage. This service reduces the risk of damage to your effects, as the furniture is handled only once into the crate and once out again when you require delivery.

All long-term storage shipments are wrapped carefully in our protective blankets and stored in sealed crates for the duration of your storage with us. All upholstered pieces are covered in these blankets and wrapped in plastic for extra protection. Sofas are stored individually on our sofa racks to ensure maximum protection.

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